Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Over The Weekend

Work this weekend was kinda nuts. Nothing of major consequence happened Friday except 2 of the guys were basically requiring a staff member full-time to monitor them since they will not follow the rules. An extra obstacle was also added to the saga of my van driving: rain. And I conquered.

Saturday was weird. I got called in early because the new guy from last weekend got fired for cussing out a client & making a motion like he was jacking off to him. So I ended up working 16 hours on Saturday. The same 2 guys were acting like fools (both are in my age range) & I just got so fed up with them that I just stopped. I did what I needed to do but I'm not getting paid to chase around 2 grown-ass men who refuse to listen.

Sunday...I was already kind of an emotional wreck from some other stuff & find out that my normal partner isn't coming so I'm getting this guy who had already worked 12 hours. I'm starving so I order Chinese food delivery. The delivery guy is an r-tard & is on the phone with me for 18 minutes trying to figure out where my location is. All of this is happening while I'm trying to give the detox clients their meds & talk on the Nextel with my co-worker who is coming in & wants to talk to my supervisor who won't talk to him because he was a jerk to her earlier. So I eventually said, "Fuck it" & handed my phone to a client & told her to tell the guy how to get there. 10 minutes later I finally get my Chinese food.

My co-worker comes in & is mad that I ignored some of his calls, which I explained to no avail. He then went outside & sat outside an apartment & watched TV through an open door, letting the clients do whatever they want. Then he & a client get in a fight & the client comes in to the office crazy pissed because he said my co-worker slammed his fingers in the dryer & tried to turn the other clients against him. I'm just listening to him while giving him his meds & not saying anything one way or the other when my co-worker comes in & they start going at it. I'm just there wishing I could be anywhere else, realizing that I've heard more intelligent fights on MTV. The client was eventually placated & all was good. My co-worker then went to sleep in an apartment while I slept in an office.

Tonight we had a Counselor Assistant staff meeting where nothing constructive was really reached. It seems like everyone hates everyone else, basically. And it seemed like Love Chunks kept looking at me when she was talking about what was going wrong. Then after the meeting I went with my weekend supervisor & normal partner to Applebee's & got some drinks where I was informed by my supervisor that the guy who hired me (who happens to be the maintenance guy) actually didn't want to hire me but did because his boss is friends with one of my professors. He told my supervisor this when she ran in to him at a bar & he was high on coke & drunk as a skunk. Part of me wants to say, "Fuck it" even more but the more spiteful part of me wants to stay & prove their expectations wrong.

On the plus side, I played Mario Kart 64 tonight.


Rebecca J-G said...

OK. First, can I say I find it amusing...in a sick sort of way...that the person who hired you to work at a rehab place--does coke and gets drunk? I'm calling the Better Business Bureau. You guys obviously are at the top of your game.
Second...I don't know how boring my life would be without your job..so don't quit. I have this whole place mapped out in my head and I even have strange little faces for all the people. When I read your updates it's like a whole party starts in my head with music, doors slamming and people running around screaming like idiots. Usually I'm hyperventilating by the time I finish reading. Whew! Great aerobics without even leaving my chair.
I'm thrilled with 'Love Chunks' and her prototype keeps morphing in my mind. I can't settle on an image for her. Tonight's installment with the 'look' she gave you...grrr..makes me want to get after her and perhaps create some Love Gravel.
Just stay. You have one foot out the door already (although, at least you stay inside unlike Mr. Co-worker) and hopefully it won't be that long until you are off to greener pastures. Though, I'm not sure how you'll keep me entertained.
It amazes me that a job like yours even exists. Do these people ever get better and move on, or does only the supervising staff (that would be YOU) change? Is this a half-way house or just a road to nowhere?
Thank you so much for the bedtime story. I'm sure to have some interesting dreams.

Andrew said...

I'm glad my pain amuses you so. Lol! It's a rehab, so after the clients leave here they go to a halfway house or return home.

Career-wise it kind of goes nowhere. You either get promoted or quit/fired (which is everywhere, but the turnover is ridiculous). I've only known of 3 people to get promoted in the past year. Most everyone quits.