Monday, June 28, 2010

The Fork Is Stabbing Deeper

Talked to Dixie, my classmate/friend who works in the main office at my job. Apparently there was a staff meeting today for general reasons & my supervisor felt the need to bring up the hospital incident.

I'm being turned into a scapegoat for not following a procedure that doesn't exist. Some of the people were arguing that I should have called one of the nurses, which is not a procedure at all. The nurses are only used for detox clients & to prescribe psychiatric medication. That's it. When I've tried to talk to the detox nurse before about general medication, I've been told that isn't her responsibility.

And guess what! My supervisor, who never once mentioned the fake nurse procedure last night, said in the meeting that she thought that I should have done that.

So then it turned into a Dixie vs. Almost Everyone Else showdown about whether this procedure exists or not. Dixie would know, too, since she worked as a Counselor Assistant for about a year there before being promoted to Case Manager.

Jesus H. Christ.


Rebecca J-G said...

Are you sure you're not working at a high school? My word, those people are a bunch of back-stabbing liars! I know this kind of drama goes on at almost every job, but you'd think that your 'professional' colleagues would be above that petty crap. Guess not.
I guess it's good that you have Dixie to give you the lowdown, but then again, what can you do with the information except dwell on it....not good. I wish you could find a different job. :( you are so much better than this crap.

Andrew said...

Now it's just a matter of waiting to see if I'm given another chance by The Elite or if I'm basically done. I told Dixie that it seems like they pretty much already made up their minds & I'm fighting a lost battle.

Richard said...

Quit that bitch and get a new job.

People with brains and souls don't behave that way.

Caitlin said...

Jesus christ on a porch swing!

Andrew said...

I like how you think, Richard.

It's now just a matter of time (probably this week). More than likely I'm going to turn in my notice as a preemptive strike.