Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Something New

Today I begin the search for schools where I might begin my nursing adventure. I talked to one of my professors last night & she thinks it's a great idea. She then followed that up by saying that she wasn't doing her job well because she should be encouraging me to stay.

She really helped put things into perspective by reminding me how I'm still young & have time to go off on all of these different excursions before I finally settle down. I'm just worried that I'll end up like my dad, 52 & going back to school for a new career after the past bazillion didn't work out.

Ugh. Life was so much more simple when I was home schooled & was never around anyone.

On another note, I've heard rumblings that I might be moved to working Saturday & Sunday day shift (8am-8pm). I'm pretty apathetic towards it, but now that I might be moving later this summer I don't really care what happens at this job.

Oh yeah! On yet another note, I finally paid off my credit card! Thank God. Seriously.


Rebecca J-G said...

I'm so glad you talked to you professor and got some constructive suggestions. I agree with her that you are still young and you DO have time to try things out. However, I disagree that your Dad is too 'old' to try a new career. I told you about my paths. I didn't start my PhD until I was in my late 40s...and now I'm not even using least, it's not required for my job with the State. However, the experience, knowledge and people I met are all things that will stay with me forever. Nowadays it's been said that people will change their careers about 4 times over their working lifetime. I think that's great. You'll find no matter what you get into, it can get old and you'll need something new to challenge you. Consider this nursing thing as your 'first' career, and keep your eyes open for new paths later on down the road.
You paid off your credit card!! CONGRATS!! Now, don't get another one. Seriously. David and I got rid of all our cards in 1991 and have been living without since then. It's amazing how little you spend if you have to use cash to do buy something. We do have a mortgage and I have a car loan, but those items are hard to buy with cash. We are telling Rachel to stay away from credit cards, unless years from now she wants something like an AMEX that she pays off each month. Credit is a major downfall. I'm proud of you for getting out from under that card!
So happy to 'hear' you more upbeat. I think things will be looking up for you very soon.

You're so right about the job. Now it has become a mere part of your transition to your new life. Make some money, and just deal with it for now. It's a temporary affliction!

Don't forget to pray. God likes hearing from you! See how the credit card thing worked out?
Love you, you strange little man... :)

Andrew said...

What I meant about that comment about my dad was that he is always failing at something. He wasn't renewed at the hospital as a chaplain, he was let-go at the log cabin place, he was fired from teaching, he sold other things that he failed at. I don't want to be like that. Know what I mean?

I have been praying. I feel moderately at ease but I never really do.

Also, we should probably chat on the phone sometime soon.

Rebecca J-G said...

Yeah, I agree with what you said, that you don't want to be like that. And you won't. You are not your dad and there are other issues there. Don't sweat that. What is your schedule like tomorrow or Friday during the between noon-2 or whenever. Maybe we can talk...if nights are better, let me know that too. I was just trying to pick a time I probably wouldn't have anyone around....

Andrew said...

I don't know why I never got a notification for this comment. Anyway, I can talk at night & I can talk anytime before 4 tomorrow.