Saturday, June 19, 2010

Three Random Things

1. As I was driving to work yesterday, I had to stop & get gas. This white van pulled up & a guy jumped out & shook my hand. He then began to try to sell me some wireless satellite thing. I told him I didn't have time, needing to go to work. He kept going on. I told him I wasn't interested. He kept going on. I AGAIN told him I needed to get to work. He kept going on. I told him I didn't have the money. He told me they'd drive me (!) to an ATM (!!) & I could get the money. I then combined that I needed to get to work & wasn't interested.

Then he & his friend got pissed. They kind of yelled at me, & the main guy told me I'd never get a girl if I didn't have this piece of equipment. I shrugged my shoulders & told him, "Such is life."

Seriously though. How much does our world suck where people would say something like that? A piece of property shouldn't factor in whether we find a mate or an easy lay. And more than likely, that particular electronic device wouldn't, because it was kind of dumb.

And yeah, I definitely thought I was going to get abducted, which is whatever. That would just be such a stupid way to go.

2. Last night at the A.A. meeting I took the clients to, I was sitting outside reading a textbook. This guy came up & told me his brother was the author of the book. He then said that his other brother was the reason he didn't have any teeth up front, after a hockey lesson as a child. And how he works as a consultant. And how he is manic depressive but doesn't take medication. And how he is related to the Kennedy family. I told him I needed to go inside because I was getting eaten by mosquito's.

I would also like to add that he had a mullet (of course), was incredibly dirty (he shook my hand. Twice), & one shoe was of the tennis variety, while the other was a Croc.

3. When I took that client to the hospital Wednesday, I passed these black girls who started hollering at me. I laughed & shrugged them off. I passed them again on the way out & they said that I looked like Edward Cullen.

Clearly, we look nothing alike. Sometimes my hair looks like his (I was doing that before the movie came out) but that's the extent of it. And I was wearing a ratty shirt & sweatpants.


P.S. I could have just used one picture to prove my point, but I love uploading.


Rebecca J-G said...

I can totally see the vampire thing....I think there is a good likeness. You lead an interesting life, Andrew. Don't ever think your life is boring!
Abducted. OMG I didn't think of that until you wrote it. That is just toooooo creepy.

Andrew said...

I think my life is boring in the sense that I don't do very much. It's not boring because it is basically one random event after another.

And yeah, I do kinda look like a vampire...

Meara said...

Andrew! You need to make youtube videos. You can pull it off. The cullen vs. nelms photos are funny. And the white van story disturbed me....

Andrew said...

I'll think about it :)