Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another Post On Another Site

My submission for My Very Worst Job was posted yesterday. This is my second foray on that site, & third overall (I also had one on their roommate site). Go check it out, though you'd be better off reading everything here since I could go into more detail.


Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I'd like to say that a summer of washing dishes, sweating my ass off was my worst job as well as my first.

Alexandra said...

I'm following now! Might write something about my very worst job later!


Andrew said...

Washing dishes is the worst, dear Doctor.

Awesome, Alexandra. I think you should do it.

Rebecca J-G said...

I read it and was deeply moved. Ummm...was that convincing? Just wait, dear friend. You'll have many more 'worst' jobs in the future. I have faith in you! (Not trying to be mean, but I predict a continual stream of morons in your employment life. I know there has been a certain degree of idiocy at every job I've held).

Andrew said...

So true...You probably would be more moved had you not already heard everything else up to that point, including stuff left out.

I'm waiting for something even worse than that job. Better believe it.