Thursday, August 12, 2010

Are You Serious?

On Tuesday, I was running some errands before an appointment I had at 5. So I'm just tootling along down the road in my stupid lemon Ford Focus (patooey!) when I see that my car is mondo overheating.


This is the 2nd time in 3 weeks that it's done this (the 1st being on my birthday). I was close to my neighborhood so I call my mom to bring me some water. After instructing her to dump the OJ into something else & fill the jug with water, she shows up with that & a case of bottled water. Oh, mommy.

We fill it up & she gives me her car to make my appointment. All is well, until I'm heading back to her car after the appointment to find that her damn thing won't start.

Are you effing serious?

So I've took out 2 cars in 1 day. We had to get the flipping thing towed because it turned out to be the battery. My car won't be able to go to the shop until Monday. Ultimately, it's all good because we just needed her car to take to Florida for me to move my stuff back because I have officially withdrawn from school down there & will be living in North Carolina now. So we'll see how that goes.

Back to the car thing. My mom's car is a Ford Taurus. It has also had quite a few problems. Never again will we buy Ford.


Anonymous said...

My family has also had a few problems with our Ford vehicles, but the one I have currently, an Expedition, has been awesome. *knock on wood*

You can't beat Toyota or Honda in small cars. They just seem better made. Every brand will produce lemons, or even just bad models. It's inevitable. But some brands seem to fare better than others. :)

Andrew said...

Yeah my dad has a '92 or '93 Honda Accord that has been ours since the day my parents bought it with cash (no payments, baby!). It's still going strong & pretty awesome, though the radio doesn't work right now.

In mere moments my mom & I are taking her car to the shop, meaning we're going to be down to 1 car. I swear...

Andrew said...

If I have a choice though my next car is going to be a Honda or a Toyota.

I've heard that Ford's bigger models fare better than their smaller cars. Glad you didn't get stuck with a lemon. Haha!