Saturday, August 28, 2010

Who Has Two Thumbs & Is Now Certified To Save Lives?

The answer is, of course, this guy.


Today I took a CPR/First Aid/AED certification class. Ultimately, I think it's something everyone should do, but the main reason I took it now (especially with the unemployment issue) is that it may help me get a job. At the job I applied for last week one of the requirements was to be CPR certified, so I knew I wouldn't get a call-back. But now! I can re-apply & hopefully get an interview where I can charm the pants off of them with my winning personality since I already meet all of the other requirements.

The day began roughly seeing as how I slept all of 40 minutes the night before, getting caught up in a convo on AIM (yes, I still use AIM. DON'T JUDGE!) & then not being able to sleep. I made my way over to Mickey D's for some grease that happened to be trapped inside hashbrowns & a coffee. When I ordered I realized I hadn't yet spoken because when I talked my voice croaked & sounded horrible. Just so you know.

Of course the usual cast of characters were there: the middle aged white woman going into the medical field, two sassy black women who run a day-care, another sassy black woman who didn't do anything in particular, & a young black dude who began our day together by telling me how he was at the bar too late last night. Our teacher was this incredibly Southern woman who was nice enough. Things were rough at the beginning, just watching the horrible videos with the bad acting (I actually laughed out loud when the guy riding the bike got 'hit' by the car). For the first 2 hours (around 10am) all I knew how to do was take my gloves off. But things sped up much more quickly & I was compressing chests, giving rescue breaths, & scooping food out of the mouths of fake babies like a champ.

Aside from having to be there so early (8am) & the lack of sleep (I dozed off during part of the first aid videos), it was good. We would have gotten out sooner though had every single other person not contributed to a conversation about how to best cook collard greens & other regional foods. I mean, seriously. I just sat there in shock that I was paying money to listen to people talk about whether or not to put pork in a vegetable to season it or whether chicken broth was better (chicken broth is the healthier but obviously less tasty option, apparently).

In other news, I signed my lease yesterday. Andrizzle's moving to Raleigh next week!


Rebecca J-G said...

Ahhh! I remember taking those classes in Wilson a few years ago as a requirement for one of my grad classes! It was a loooooong boring day. They seem to gear that info toward the least common denominator, and anyone with an IQ over 90 has to suffer through the repetition.
Hey, maybe you could get a job as a RedCross instructor? I KNOW you could teach the class better than most of the instructors I've met!

BTW...have you missed me?? I've sorely missed you and am trying desperately to catch up on your blogs and posts. Now that Rachel is 'settled' at NCWC,and I've got my laptop working again, perhaps I'll get a new routine going around here.....perhaps. I need some self-discipline though. I could easily spend an entire day drinking Diet Coke and reading FB....

Andrew said...

I've missed you a great deal. You better believe that.

I thought about becoming a Red Cross instructor but I don't know if it would be worth the hassle. I was under the impression that there is a rotation of instructors so each one only works about once a month, depending on how many they have.