Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Current Sitch

In the past week, a lot of life has happened. It's looking like I'm going to need another car because it will cost almost $1000 to fix it & with as many problems as it already has & all those miles, it's just not worth it. So more than likely I'm going to take my dad's '91 Honda, they'll fix it up a bit, & they will get another car.

I hate how I'm so financially dependent on them. It makes me feel guilty.

Then my dad has been in the hospital since Saturday with pneumonia, hence the picture of me wearing the mask previously. He's doing a lot better but his fever keeps going up at night so they won't let him leave. He's really discouraged because he just started his new job & it just sucks that he's already missing time.

And now my stupid school in Florida said it could be 2 or more weeks before my official transcript can be processed, meaning that I might not be able to get an accurate credit evaluation for my transfer, making it difficult to sign up for classes at Liberty.

And on top of that I'm still trying to find a job, Sam has completely bailed on the apartment thing so I'm looking on my own (I don't blame him though. He's really worried about money), & online traffic schools are now sending me advertisements because of that dipshit cop.

On the plus side, you can definitely tell fall is coming. It's supposed to be in the low 80's this weekend & in the 50's at night. You can also tell that the sun is shining differently & the trees aren't as vibrant. It's going to be awesome to experience it again.


Caleb said...

Sounds like you could use a stay at a Holiday Inn Express.

Andrew said...

One of the original reasons I came back to NC after getting fired in July was just for some R & R. Obviously that hasn't exactly panned out. Haha! But everything is going to work out.

Alexandra said...

Thanks for following my blog :)

Hope you win the lottery soon
(if they have that in America)



Andrew said...

I'm following you :) And yes, we do have the lottery. In my state it's called the "education lottery," under the guise of them actually using the money for the education system. Ha!