Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Ok. So this past weekend we moved my dad back from Toccoa, which is good. I made some monies at Applebee's, saw Alexis & her adorable baby, &...yeah that's about it.

We got a really late start on Thursday because Brad & his probably-retarded, definitely redneck brother were supposed to go with us & help & we needed to wait until he got off work. Too bad he didn't go so we wasted a whole day. He didn't go because Sling Blade wouldn't get in the car & pulled a knife on him. So we left without them, with the plan of Brad coming later.

Then we heard nothing from him. In fact, we heard nothing from him until Sunday, I believe. So we (primarily my dad because I'm worthless & my mother has arthritis) loaded the U-Haul on Sunday. I had to drive back Sunday night because they took my bed apart & I had nowhere to sleep. I got Salem to come to Rocky Mount to help unload (thank goodness) & since then, it's just been...stuff. Everywhere. As bad as before. Maybe worse in some rooms.

And it's like I'm the only one who is willing to do anything about it. I'm trying to throw stuff away, move stuff, just...get it out of here. And my mom keeps coming up with excuses why she can't do certain things, why she's saving stuff, blah blah blah. I know it's probably overwhelming but this is beyond ridiculous. I'm going to post pictures soon.

And my dad is doing nothing but making tea & backing her up, which would be nice if it was something that needed back-up. Instead it just seems spineless & is enabling this hot mess more than anything.

And guess what! I bet you'll never guess. They didn't do a damn thing about Brad. If he wants to come over, that's fine. They're still going to go out to eat. The only thing that's different is that they won't be helping him financially (which thank God). I told them I don't want him over if I'm here, they told me this wasn't my business, I told them it was because it still affected me & he sucks, & it just kept escalating so my dad starting talking about a paper that fell off the fridge & I walked out.

I know this isn't my fight, but I don't want him around me. I don't want them dealing with him because he is just a mooch. He owes them so much money, has ruined our furniture & our carpet (I was cleaning out the guest room by myself & had to stop because the cat piss from when he was staying here (for 7 months) & had his cat locked in there was burning my throat), constantly lets them down by bailing on promises, & yet...they're still there!

Dear God, I have to find a place & get out of here.

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