Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Plan

So here is the plan as of now: I am not returning to West Palm Beach. Instead, I will be finishing my Master's at Liberty Online. I will be moving to Raleigh or wherever else I can find a job since I won't be held down in 1 place because of school, & life will then be perfect.

We will see....

Basically, I'm waiting to make sure Sam won't bail on me with getting an apartment, because I have a really bad feeling it's gonna happen.

And oh joy! I still have to go back to West Palm Beach to get the rest of my stuff. That's going to be a fun trip.


Caleb said...

I have a friend from Raleigh who really likes it there.

PS forgot to say I love the FB page. "just cause im pregnent dont mean i cant parrty"

I've actually known those girls before!

Andrew said...

Yeah, Raleigh is pretty awesome. I'm just not very familiar with it & I know I'm gonna be using my GPS quite a bit.

I'm glad you like the page. I got the idea from visiting Lamebook & just the fact that I know those girls too. They're all over Georgia (where I went to college) & North Carolina. And pretty much everywhere else.

Could you ask your friend if he has any job or living suggestions like where the best places are? I'm trying to get as many opinions as possible.