Monday, September 27, 2010

Continuing The List

I'm going to finish that list of random bits of info about myself because I'm bored & this is my blog & I can do what I want.

51. Annie Lennox used to scare the crap out of me when I was younger thanks to the "Sweet Dreams" music video.

52. I used to hate watermelon but now I can't eat it enough.

53. I've never been stung by a bee, wasp, yellow jacket, or hornet. Because of that, we don't know if I'm allergic or not.

54. Most consider her a terrible actress & sometimes I have to agree, but I am in love with Kristen Stewart.

55. When I was 14 I was in this crappy version of "Snow White" playing the character of Sir Silly (I want to stab myself just thinking about it). My partner, Sir Clumsy, hated me (the feeling was pretty mutual after a while). Well, we had to push each other some in the play & during rehearsal it got so heated that I almost knocked him down the stairs. The director of the art center was watching & told my mom he was rooting for me & he knew I could take that kid.

56. My hips are double jointed & I can turn my feet almost completely backwards. If I do it one at a time I can turn them backwards & even walk that way.

57. My grandmother taught me to walk while my parents were out shopping. They were not happy they had missed it.

58. One time I fell down the steps at Applebee's because a customer was trying to get my attention so I turned around as I was stepping down. We were really busy, too.

59. I hate hearing anyone do an imitation of Heath Ledger saying, "Why so SERIOUS?"

60. My favorite color is blue. It is also the best looking color on me.

61. When I was trying to get my license my uncle, who worked at the DMV, had my drive backwards on the road so he could see a dead deer.

62. When I was about 7 I pretended I was 1 of 4 quadruplet brothers who were actors. They were my best friends. And all played by myself so they were obviously cool as shit.

63. I still have all of my action figures from childhood.

64. The first R-rated movie I ever saw was "Scream" when I was 16.

65. I love beer. I hate Guinness.

66. My favorite season is Fall. I'm ready for it to start cooling off more.

67. I had a hamster named Chester that was really mean. We had to wear gloves to feed him because he'd jump off the ledge in his cage & bite us. His left eye started to bulge out & the vet said he had a brain tumor so we had him put to sleep.

68. I effing love orange juice. Especially if it has pulp.

69. I was almost mugged one time in downtown Atlanta. I went with some people to take someone to the airport & I gave this homeless guy some money (as is my wont) & another one ran up & tried to take my wallet so I stuffed it in my hoodie & ran off. My friends were about a block or more away. I was not happy.

70. I was 18 when I had my first kiss. She initiated. Later, because I wanted to be respectful, I asked her if I could touch her butt.

71. I have to have a GPS or I WILL get lost.

72. When I worked at Applebee's I won the Fun Pin 3 times, as well as Guest Service, Cooperation, & Employee Of The Month. My name is on a plaque & everything!

73. When I worked at the movie theater this guy started cussing at me & as he was walking out I yelled across the foyer, "Merry Christmas, douchebag!" because yes, it was Christmas.

74. I'm surprisingly good at camping & enjoy it quite a bit.

75. I'm insanely, fiercely loyal.

76. My Senior year banquet at college they had an award ceremony & I won "Most Likely To Know What She Said" because I was so notorious with my entire graduating class for making "That's what she said" jokes. I wasn't there to pick up my award because I was at prom with that 17 year old *sigh*.

77. The more people tell me I have to see a particular movie the more likely I will not.

78. When I was 8 I ate so much raw broccoli that I puked.

79. I love to sing like a sassy black woman, though it usually ends up sounding like an effeminate Louie Armstrong.

80. When my last piano teacher was out of town for church she always left me in charge of leading the music.

81. I used to be so incredibly conservative. Then life happened & I realized that isn't a practical way to look at the world.

82. Though he made an incredible mythology, I think Tolkien is a terrible author.

83. One Christmas every single present I got was a Beanie Baby. My parents made it a scavenger hunt & hid them all over the house & in the yard (in plastic bags). Ultimately, I have about 111 Beanie Babies. Sad.

84. When my grandmother died my parents didn't call to tell me until she had been dead for about 4 hours because I was taking a theology exam that didn't count for a grade (but was required for me to graduate in a few weeks).

85. I've somehow managed to never have a hangover that I know of. I have, however, worked a lunch shift still drunk from the night before. It was not a fun day.

86. The first pair of glasses I had made me look like Harry Potter, especially depending on how my hair was. This customer at the movie theater wanted me to pretend to be Harry for her granddaughter but I told her that was mean. I didn't tell her how stupid it was.

87. I almost failed Statistics after the first exam but I got tutoring & busted my butt & got a B in the class.

88. Our neighbor 2 houses down sold "Christmas trees" in their backyard. But the trees never went anywhere. And people would always come speeding down to their house in the middle of the night, stay about 5 minutes, then leave. The cops came a few times.

89. I'm really sad that I lost my DVD of "Shaun of the Dead" because it's fantastic.

90. I have been working on this list for waaaay too long.

91. When I worked at McDonald's if someone got an attitude with me on the drive-thru I'd close the window on them & walk off.

92. Even though I rear ended someone I didn't get a ticket.

93. I wanted to be a cartoon animator or a comic artist. This despite the fact that I can't draw.

94. Unless I specifically ask for a specific thing, just get me a gift card or a candle. Please.

95. When I was 7 I cut one side of my cat's whiskers off & turned the scissors on myself. My mother was more angry at the cat than me for letting me do it. The cat couldn't walk straight for a few years until they grew back. When she'd walk down the hall she'd have to walk against it to keep her balance.

96. I'm really getting really tired & my spelling & grammar are suffering. Or so it seems that way to me.

97. I never liked Mr. Rogers. I always felt like he was talking down to me & treating me like I was stupid. On the other hand, I love Lambchop.

98. My favorite video games are Mario Kart 64, Super Mario World, & Goldeneye 64.

99. Even though I may think a movie, show, or comedian is funny I very rarely laugh. I don't know why.

100. I'm a joker, I'm a smoker, & I'm also a midnight toker.

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