Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Once upon a time, I was in college. When this time in my life was occurring, even more random events happened to me because of the sheer number of characters I knew. This story is about two of those characters.

Ij (short for Italian Job, though he wasn't Italian & he has no idea this nickname exists) & LL were dating. Ij & I were pretty good friends, especially when alcohol was involved. One of our favorite things to do was get completely trashed when my dad was back in NC visiting my mom. One time all three of us even slept in my twin bed! And they made out right next to me while I was sleeeeeeeping (that's actually happened quite a bit with different people. I know...). Anyway.

After getting in trouble for drinking (which is a completely different, infuriating post) I swore off of the alcohols for the rest of my tenure at TFC. A month later a friend came over & we got plastered. Around 4:00am we heard a knocking on my bedroom window. I asked what was going on & hear Ij & LL talking so I tell them to go to the side door. I drunkenly open the door & go back to bed without saying much. The next morning as my friend is getting ready to leave I ask if there are any extra cars in the driveway. He says no. I'm happy.

I go back to sleep & get up a bit later & see that my dad's door in partially closed. Ah shit. I go in & see Ij, asleep in my dad's bed with his pants & a condom wrapper on the floor. "Did you guys seriously have sex in my dad's bed?" I asked. "That's what it looks like" responded Ij. I told him I was going to get a shower & just walked out on him. Not a happy camper.

So yeah, that's basically the whole story. I did tell both of them off individually later. Just wanted to share.


Anonymous said...

I remember this. You came to me and told me how mad you were. Are you sure "IJ" isn't Italian? Cuz I could have sworn he was. I'm gonna have to ask him now.

You should post new stories every day lol.

Fickle Cattle said...

That's kinda gross.

Oh wait, you said condom wrapper, not condom.

Still. Kinda gross, but not as much.

I am Fickle Cattle.

Andrew said...

Luckily I didn't see the condom. That would have sent the story over the edge.

And Cherise. Do not.