Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I swear to God I'm about to bust a cap. I submitted my fine appeal to Liberty & it was rejected because I was added to the Do Not Drop list since I wouldn't be able to pay for anything until after the fucking class started & because I did my FAFSA stuff for them less than 60-days before classes started.

I am not in the mood for this. I am exhausted. I am depressed. I am anxious. I am lonely. I hate being in school. I don't want to do anything except stay in my room.

I'm calling them tomorrow & cussing someone out because no one told me shit about being put on the Do Not Drop list would affect my appeal. Honestly at this point it's not about getting the money back because that sure as hell doesn't look like it's gonna happen. I'm just frustrated & am basically going to do what I hate: take it out on someone. Granted, I'm going to go as high up as I can because they're more responsible. But still.

I was going to try to post something funny or happy today but fuck it. I'm done.

Sorry for the language. Sort of. But someone's gotta show the love of Jesus.

Edited because after I wrote this I called my dad because I thought I was going to have an aneurysm & my mom kicked him out of the room they were in because she was doing stuff for work. Despite the fact that she'll sit in the same room & talk on the phone when we're trying to do something else & even tell US to leave if we said anything. I told him he better not walk out but he did & I told him I'd talk to him later because I can't deal with her being such a bitch.

I promise, I will post something funny/happy tomorrow.

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Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Man, your mom has him by the short and curlies, but I've been p-whipped a couple times, so I can't talk.