Saturday, September 25, 2010

Smidge Of An Update

Things appear to be settling down some. Work is going moderately well. I'm done training pretty much & my first shift as a "real person," as we call it, is Monday. This week I'm working 22 hours, so I'll be making that money (not really). School is going, too. My credits were finally evaluated & 5 of my classes (the max that will transfer) transferred. The people in there are pretty conservative, too. Which duh, it's Liberty University. But it's not making me look good because my discussion post is probably being viewed as radical to all of those straight-party ticket voters. So this is gonna be fun.

I haven't talked to my parents in a few days. It's been nice. They just bring me unneeded stress. My mom has turned into an entitled shrew who bullies my dad & refuses to do anything beyond the bare minimum because life didn't turn out the way she wanted & my dad is completely spineless when it comes to standing up to her but treats me like crap. I was only there for about 2 hours last Saturday & it stressed me out so much. My mom told me before I moved she would get rid of all the extra furniture before Thanksgiving but has made no efforts to do so. So I'm thinking about not going home for it. It's not a big holiday to me anyway, & it won't really be fun to stand at the kitchen counter & eat while they sit on the couch or in a chair because there isn't enough room to set up the damn dining room table.

On another note, I saw the unicyclist yesterday. Word.


Rebecca J-G said...

The book....Don't Sweat the Small seriously need to read it. I'm reading it now and you'd be surprised how much of it hits ya directly between the eyes. The author understands STRESS and what we can do to handle it. It's all about perspective...he's a smart guy.

$3.95 Free Shipping. Thriftbooks is my favorite site!

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Sorry about the family problems, man. Did the unicycle guy cheer you up? A little?

Andrew said...

No. He made me want to throw something at him as he always does. But if I did that then I'd be giving him the attention he so obviously wants.

Anonymous said...

Good luck at work today as a "real person"! If I lived down there I would stop by because coffee is the only thing keeping me going at this point, since you kept me up til 3a.m. haha

Ana says "Hi Uncle Andrew" translated of course from her "Hi Uggie Adew"

Love, Sis