Friday, September 17, 2010

The Death of Liberty

Ok. So one of the points of me moving back to NC was so that I could take classes at Liberty Online. I thought the idea was inspired, as did my former professors in Florida. Everything was going fine until one fateful day, August 25th I believe it was. I was completing my Financial Check-In because the deadline was September 13 & if it wasn't completed by then there was a $125 late-fee. I called them because I had a question about something unrelated & was informed that I had a loan overlap from my school in Florida. They said it would take a little while but to check back in a few days to check its progress. I asked if I needed to do anything & they said I didn't.

I called back a few days later (the 27th I think) & checked. Again, nothing was fixed. Again, I asked if I could do anything to help & again they said I didn't.

A week later I call back & find out that there is a form I was supposed to fax to Florida & have them fax back to Liberty. So there was something I could have done. Wonderful. And oh yeah, the reviewing process takes about 2-4 weeks, so there was no way I was going to make the deadline.

I've been in touch with them throughout all of this, dropping hints & practically flat-out saying I was going to appeal the fine. My parents have talked to them, too. On Wednesday of this week (2 days ago, FYI. 'tards) I talked to this lady who said to check back today & speak with her because it might be corrected. Well guess what. All of the offices are closed for a meeting. And while they will be open again tomorrow, none of the student employees that are there can do anything & my dear friend from Wednesday is off. My class starts Monday so if I can't get anything fixed & I have to drop the class (which I had planned on possibly doing today) & since I can't now, I won't get a full refund on the class because I dropped it after the class started. Oh yes, it's true.

I'm going to fight all of it & I really don't care what I say anymore. I have been more than kind & patient with these people & have been dicked around for the past month. If I'm not a full-time student I lose my insurance so the only other option is to take this class in October, which means I'll have 3 classes having stuff due all at the same time & frankly, that's not an option. I'm not going to drive myself crazy because they're a bunch of morons.

And oh yeah, I had my transcripts sent there & they lost them. Yep! I got receipt in my e-mail that they were received on the 1st of this month & they JUST found them about 2 days ago after I brought it to their attention AGAIN. So at this point I don't even know what's going to transfer.

And our landlord chopped down the trees in front of our place & they left the disfigured limbs in the parking lot so there aren't enough spaces for everyone.

I need this day to be over.


Rebecca J-G said...

Your life SUCKS right now. I've been reading the book "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...and It's All Small Stuff" (Goodwill...75cents) My advice to you is to say, "There MUST be a blessing in all of this!"
Ummm...maybe Liberty is NOT the answer. Just sayin'

Andrew said...

Can I borrow that book?

Andrew said...

Jerry Falwell used to drive around in his SUV like a drunken bastard and offered anyone who got hit by him a full ride scholarship. I know I told you that before, but yeah, maybe Liberty is not the answer (that's the first time, as a libertarian, that those words have either escaped my mouth or fingertips..)

Andrew said...

As a fellow libertarian, I am ashamed of you, but also somewhat in agreement.

Andrew said...

Ashamed of what?