Tuesday, September 14, 2010

That Time There Was A Whole Big Mess In Regards To Hiring Me

Today marked the 2nd interview in my quest to start my new career as a barista. The interview went very well, the manager loved me (duh) & told me that I was tentatively hired as long as my background check was cleared (so intense!). The only negative spots I can think of were when she asked me to sell her the pumpkin bread & I described it as "cinnamony, pumpkiny, nutty, & if those are raisins, raisiny" & when I told her that I thought the girl who had done my 1st interview was named Ellen. It was not. No harm, no foul.

Or so I thought.

As I'm pulling into my parking lot I get a call from the manager asking if I had applied to any other Caribou locations. I told her that I had put that I could work at other stores but that hers was the main one I applied to. Well, there was a problem with that. See, Ellen does exist. Ellen is the manager at another store. Ellen had called to set up an interview at another store & hadn't said which one & so I thought it was for the store I had been at the previous night. That made so much sense why when I went in to interview the 1st time the girl seemed confused about the time. She said tonight that she had thought she'd called me, so she had plans on interviewing me regardless, but still...

So there I was, missing one interview while I'm pulling another out of thin air. And because I had missed the official interview, I had been disqualified from working there which caused a complication in the hiring process. The District Manager had to get involved & yeah, annoying. Everything is all worked out now & I should have the official word on Thursday. I told them I had better be amazing after all of this.

I swear, that was like an episode of "Three's Company," only funnier, with better clothes, & no Don Knotts.

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